Raising Children in the River Hills Plantation


The River Hills Plantation places families in one of the best school districts in the state of SC!   

Both of my children went through all 13 years the Clover school district offers and were fortunate to attend 2 new schools in the process.  Clover school district is always been on the cutting edge of technology for its facilities and keeping up with, and ahead of, the areas massive growth.  The district has always tried to stay below the 20 pupil to 1 teacher ratio.  The schools River Hills neighborhood kids attend are:  Crowders Creek Elementary (built in 2000), Oakridge Middle school (built in 2009), and Clover High School.  The high school has a new applied technology center which was built within the last 5 years and is considered to be state of the art.  Both of my children were accepted into college as a result of great education offered by living in Clover school district.   

There are so many wonderful things about living in River Hills and the education system is the cherry on top!!  It also helps the home values in our area stay consistent with high test scores and results.

-Melanie W

Security in the River Hills Plantation

One of the main reasons we have chosen to live twice in River Hills is the feeling of safety and protection that comes from our having a full time, dedicated security force in the community.  As the world outside of our gates becomes more populated and crowded and “busy”, driving in through the main gate and being greeted by one of our trained professional security officers is a welcoming and calming feeling.  We know that if we need help of any kind, one of these officers will be at our doorstep in minutes, ready to assist in any way he (or she) can.  Our security officers are armed, have the same enforcement capabilities as a deputy sheriff in South Carolina, and are trained medical first responders.

We see the patrol vehicles making their daily rounds, keeping an eye out for anything that does not belong inside of our gates.  If we travel, we know that our house will be checked every day for anything out of place.  If we have guests coming, we know they’ll be greeted well and given directions to our home.  If, heaven forbid, something is wrong at our house, we know that whoever answers the call will  be prepared to deal with what they find.  That’s a comfort that only comes from living in a community that offers the level of professional security we have – that’s the River Hills way.

-Jake T.

River Hills Dog Park

River Hills Dog Park

One of the greatest things about living in River Hills are the amenities.  We have pools, a golf course, garden plots, play ground areas, and even a revolutionary war era cemetery.  One thing, that is often overlooked, is that we are also very dog friendly.  By my estimate, there are close to 300 families that have a four legged family member.