River Hills Marina Club

When we decided to come home to the River Hills Plantation, we knew that a boat would be in our future.  It didn’t take long before the Charlotte Boat Show beckoned, and after going “just to look,”we needed a place to dock the new boat.  We joined the River Hills Marina Club in 2007 and have been members ever since.  The Marina’s informal motto is “the best place on Lake Wylie to dock your boat is at River Hills Marina”, and in my opinion, that’s a solid fact.  Set in Joe’s Cove, just off of the main channel of Lake Wylie, the Marina offers safety and seclusion for its members and their boats, yet we’re 2 minutes from the main body of the lake.  It is also reassuring to know that River Hills Security patrols the landside of the Marina and the docks themselves, keeping a close eye on our valuable watercraft.

Recently, the Marina underwent a significant renovation, creating a new Member Center lounge, providing an oasis for all of us after a day on the lake or just a cool place to go and hang out with friends.  

A few years back, I was elected to the Marina Board of Directors and am currently the President of the Board.  This association with the Marina gives me a unique reference point as I compare our facilities with other Marinas on Lake Wylie.  I’ve seen almost all of them and I can tell you that far and away, we’re the best on the lake.

There’s a lot to be said for River Hills in general – once you drive through the front gate, that becomes evident quickly.  When you add in the incredible resources of the Country Club and the Marina, it is easy to understand why River Hills is a place I love calling home.

-Jake T.

Photos: Scott S. Clinton, Jake Taylor, Linda Williams, and Unknown

A vintage photo showing the construction phase of the River Hills Marina

A vintage photo showing the construction phase of the River Hills Marina