Life on Lake Wylie


River Hills Plantation is resort living...  Everyday!  There’s so much to, tennis, walking the tree-lined streets, and best of all, the ease of boating!  There’s nothing better than being able to walk to the River Hills Marina after work and go for a sunset cruise. Or, take a cold one and just sit on the deck overlooking the water.  The stress of the day melts away in minutes!

Water skiing, knee and wake boarding, and tubing on Lake Wylie are popular activities for people of all ages. Residents are on the water enjoying these sports all day.  Many families head out on the water in the late afternoon, taking advantage of the calmer water.  Many find this an ideal time to teach children these water sports.

Fishing is a popular past time for all ages. Lake Wylie is thought by many to be the perfect spot for landing catfish, bass, crappie, and perch. There are always fisherman dotting the shores of the lake, as well as on boats and kayaks. For the competitive angler, there are numerous tournaments throughout the year. Additionally, every Thursday evening from April-August a bass fishing tournament begins at the Buster Boyd Bridge landing. The boats blast off at 6:30 PM and weigh in is at 11 PM.

From May-October, many residents enjoy “boat tie-ups”.  People pile on as many boats as necessary and head out to the open water. Once all the boats arrive, they tie-up to one another; this enables folks to move from boat to boat for talking and sampling the variety of food and drink. 

Daytime boat tie-ups are always fun.  Everyone brings a cooler, snacks to share and water toys galore for floating and relaxing in Lake Wylie!  Of course, there’s lots of chatting, too. You lose track of time and the day flies by.  Late afternoon departures usually involve a cooler and more substantial, picnic-type food. The afternoon light on the trees and water is beautiful and the reduced activity on the lake makes for a peaceful setting. Sunset tie-ups provide the perfect opportunity to view the changing sky. Yes, there’s snacks and coolers involved too! From blues, golds, and magentas, the colors of sunsets are amazing. Everyone is continually snapping photos and pointing to various cloud formations.  The evenings finish up as the moon rises for  yet another beautiful sight.

The multitude of water activities enhance the resort lifestyle available at River Hills Plantation.  Everyone loves spending time on the water. And we are so fortunate to have it in our backyard!


-Ruth P.


Photos Courtesy of Sophie Karsch